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WSJ Graphs Showing Increases in Students Studying Statistics

A recent WSJ special on Big Data had a section call Help Wanted!  The first paragraph reads:

“Corporate executives face a daunting obstacle when it comes to reaping the benefits of big data: Who’s going to tell them what it all means?”

This is a real problem.  As firms collect more and more data, they will need people who can productively make sense of it.

Fortunately, more people are getting trained in statistics (and analytics) to meet this demand.  The WSJ ran an article called “Data Crunchers Now the Cool Kids on Campus” (the statistics are from that article.)

And, IBM, Ohio State, and others announced plans for an advanced analytics center in Columbus, OH to help train, do research, and help firms with analytics.

There is a lot of opportunity for people who can work with and make sense of data.


Karl Kempf Profile in Businessweek

One of my favorite columns in Businessweek is the profile of someone doing something interesting in technology.

I was very pleasantly surprised to our field of optimization pop up last May (I meant to post earlier, but was only reminded because I am using this example in my optimization class tomorrow).  Karl Kempf of Intel was profiled because of his ability to use mathematical optimization to improve Intel (and make race cars go faster and movie stunts more realistic).